Unveiling the Item-Level Scan Discrepancy Report: Deepen Your Loss Prevention Insights

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new Item-Level Scan Discrepancy Report, a premium feature designed to equip you with deeper and more actionable insights. This powerful tool goes beyond the Loss Prevention widget, providing a granular view of scan discrepancies for individual items, empowering you to make informed decisions and significantly enhance your loss prevention efforts.

Available in version 4.3.3 and above

Charting Your Path to Minimized Losses

The Item-Level Scan Discrepancy Report features a clear and informative bar chart that visually represents the total number of times each item has been under-scanned and over-scanned within the chosen timeframe. This allows you to quickly identify items prone to discrepancies and prioritize your investigation efforts.

Loss Prevented Items Report

Deeper Insights, Better Decisions

Beneath the revealing chart lies a comprehensive table delving into the specifics of each item’s involvement in scan discrepancies.

Here, you’ll find valuable information such as:

  • Item Name: Easily identify specific products experiencing scan inconsistencies.
  • Total Number of Under-Scans and Over-Scans: Quantify the exact number of times each item has been over or under-scanned, providing a clearer picture of its vulnerability.
  • Total Value of Under-Scanned and Over-Scanned Items: Calculate the precise financial impact of scan discrepancies for each item, enabling you to prioritize based on potential revenue loss.

loss prevented chart

Department-Level Analysis: A Targeted Approach

By analyzing the report at a departmental level, you can pinpoint specific areas within your store that require greater focus. This allows you to implement targeted interventions, such as employee training or product placement adjustments, to address specific challenges within each department and minimize future scan discrepancies.

Unlock a New Level of Loss Prevention

The Item-Level Scan Discrepancy Report empowers you to:

  • Identify problematic items: Quickly pinpoint specific products susceptible to scan errors, allowing you to address root causes such as barcode placement or packaging issues.
  • Quantify losses: Gain precise insights into the financial impact of under-scanning and over-scanning for each item, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Inform targeted training: Focus training efforts on employees handling items with high discrepancy rates, improving overall scanning accuracy.

Upgrade Your Loss Prevention Strategy Today

The Item-Level Scan Discrepancy Report is a premium feature available to interested customers. Contact our sales team today to discuss adding this new report to your account. 

This comprehensive report will empower you to take your loss prevention efforts to the next level. By leveraging its detailed insights, you can make informed decisions, and ultimately experience greater operational efficiency and profitability.

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