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We don’t need cameras and sensors spread all over your supermarket. A single (or more) validation station at the checkout does the job


Rapid Throughput​

Our checkout solution can process approx. 120 orders per hour, x20 times a normal cashier would


No Interventions

With Supersmart, users handle the validation on their own. In case of a mismatch during the validation, the system knows to recommend which items the customer might have missed and in 95% of the cases customers amend transactions successfully without any help



In the validation process we use data, a lot of data. We can start a project from scratch and the system learns by its own. Your variety is constantly changing? The system learns new products centrally in no-time


Best Shopping Experience

Our app is a convenient tool for scanning, while presenting all your customers need on the go – prices, promotions and more


Standalone Option

The validation engine can be deployed on its own, so in case there’s already a good self-scanning solution in place, it can be easily integrated with Supersmart services to add the loss prevention element

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