Autonomous ‘Grab & Go’ instant checkout

AI products
recognition engine

AI validation &
loss prevention engine

Shopper interface
& Payment Module

Attendant app
(iOS / Android)

Control & analitics
web dashboard

Automatic product
learning & classification

Available with Checkout Stations

Model name T1

The most advanced and cost effective solution for turning existing convenience & small format grocery stores into autonomous cashier-less stores.
Ideal for up to 10 items and provides a ‘Grab & Go’ seamless shopping experience with no prior scanning of products. Simply place the items on the Tablsmart station, pay, and walk out.


On Demand Add-ones

Menu Order Module
for over-the-Counter products

Advanced POS
functions suite
for attendants


Does the system require an internet connection?

Yes, Our system requires an internet connection in the store. Shopping in offline mode is supported in case of temporary network failure.

Can I use my smartphone to scan products?

Yes, Our solution can be used by shoppers’ mobile phones or with dedicated hand-held devices (e.g., Zebra scanners).

Do I need to have an existing Scan & Go solution working in the store?

Supersmart can integrate with any existing shopping app or we can offer a white label app branded for the retailer.

Can shoppers use their own shopping bags?

Yes. Shoppers can declare their own shopping bags using our app at the beginning or end of the shopping journey, at the retailer’s preference.

How do you get the product data to the system?

We have a very easy onboarding process that includes weighing the items and giving each item a unique digital signature.
To achieve this, we can offer a mobile BT scale and a special dedicated app for sampling the products. Additionally, we can offer a third-party service to support this process. Supersmart can also integrate with any existing DB on the retailer side to register data collected via SCO, suppliers, etc.) 


How does the system handle loose items & produce?

The shoppers weigh their items using a self-service scale and print a barcode, which is then scanned by the App and the item is added to the cart.

How does the system handle personal information?

The system stores only statistical data necessary for validation algorithm.

How does the shopper pay after they finish scanning products?

After a successful validation, the shopper proceeds to their preferred payment method, according to the retailer’s available options.

We also support mobile payments direct from the App.

Does the store need to be closed for installation?

Our system can be installed during ongoing business operations. The store does not have to be closed.

Are there already successful installations of Supersmart validation technology?

Yes! Our solution is live in a dozen countries with a very high adoption rate by shoppers.