Revolutionize Scan & Go Rescans with Direct Mismatch Fix

Tired of time-consuming Scan & Go rescans? Introducing Direct Mismatch Fix, a feature that streamlines your rescan process and enhances efficiency.

Available in version 4.3.3 and above

What is Direct Mismatch Fix?

Direct Mismatch Fix is a new feature that allows store attendants to fix mismatched items directly within the rescan module. This eliminates the need to switch between different modules, saving valuable time and effort.

How does it work?

When a rescan identifies an item not scanned by the shopper, the attendant can now instantly add it to the order without leaving the rescan module.

This simplifies the workflow and ensures a smooth and efficient rescan process.


Benefits of Direct Mismatch Fix

  • Reduced rescan time: Resolve mismatches quickly and easily, keeping your lines moving.
  • Improved operational efficiency: Streamline your workflow and free up your attendants to focus on other tasks.
  • Enhanced user experience: Make rescans a more positive experience for both attendants and shoppers.

How to access Direct Mismatch Fix

Direct Mismatch Fix is a premium feature. To unlock its functionality, please contact our sales team. They will be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a personalized solution.

Upgrade your Scan & Go experience today and experience the benefits of Direct Mismatch Fix!

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