We came to EuroCIS, Dusseldorf, for 3 days, to present our solutions – the Mini-wave and Walk-through, both aim at loss prevention for “self-scanning” supermarkets.

We were 4:

Yair – founder & CEO

Barak – CTO

Tali – Head of Delivery

And I, Ran – Head of Product

We were presented in Bizerba’s booth, and we learned from our partners how to prepare a show in the best possible way – everything was planned down to the smallest detail, and designed with good taste.

At some times our small Mini-wave area was so crowded, one couldn’t access it to have a demo. I am not sure why it attracted so many visitors, I saw so many other visually impressive devices and displays… well something worked well.

The demos were excellent, and people looked at it with an overwhelmed face – “how does it know?”. Well it knows.

Here are some photos from the show:

At some point we weren’t sure who approached us more, potential customers or people who want to take some ideas, but I guess that’s part of being out there.

Now it’s only left to hope that the follow-ups will be as successful as the show itself🤞🏻

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